Me when I check my schedule and it turns out I have a meeting on Monday at 8am…
Me when I meet Pirlo, one day. 😍😭

جز نقش تو نقشی نبود در نظر من
شبها منم و عشق تو و چشم تر من

Other than your sight, there’s no sight before my eyes
At nights, it’s just me, your love and my teary eyes

مهدی سهیلی (via honeyandelixir)

بہار آئی تو اک شخص یاد آیا بہت…
کہ جس کے ہونٹوں سے جھڑتے تھے پھول ہنستے میں

Spring arrived and I was reminded of someone,
whose lips upon smiling, sprinkled flowers

 احمد فراز (via honeyandelixir)

What Cersei would wear, submitted by yourfalsedream

I can’t date anyone who can’t grow a beard like Pirlo, or do stuble as well as Hummels.

Sorry, I can’t welcome failures into my life.