"Zehar lagtay hain wo log jo aapke qadr nahe kartay.
Aur zehar lagta hai apna aap jo bawajood iskay, unsay muhabbat karta hai."
Worse are those who don’t value you.
Yet, worst is ourselves who still loves them. (via thoughtskeepmeawake)
"Tujhe banaya hai uss ne toh kya tujhay chor de ga? Kabhi maa mailay main bachay ki ungli chorti hai? Agar choot bhi jaye toh bacha itna beqaraar nahi hota jitni maa hoti hai. Phir Allah insaan ko kaise chor sakta hai? Tujhe kaise chor sakta hai? Uss ki nazar main jo aik baar aa jata hai hamesha rehta hai"

Translation: Do you really think He’d leave you alone after creating you? Have you ever seen a mother let go of her child’s finger at an amusement park? Even if they do separate, the child doesn’t become as restless as the mother. So then how can Allah leave someone? How can He forget you? Once He has set His gaze upon you, you will forever remain in His sight.

Shehr E Zaat, Umera Ahmed

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Reus running away from his fears



I’ll cry at my wedding because it’s a miracle it’s happening